22 April 2011

BlackBerry Satu!

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera...

Today is not my wonderful day.. After everything that happen yesterday... Today become my sleepy days... Huargh.... I feel sleepy again and again... What happen yesterday? Hurmm... My car broke down after the day i've spent with my friend Hidayah searching for plug,suis and fancy fans for my new room...And luckly that thing happen at my neighbouhood area.. So that my father can come to me quickly.. HAH! Tired. 

But even today is not a wonderful day ( for me la ) i would like to share with you the new DIGI (si gemuk kuning) promotion named 'What Berry Are You'. This is the ' Unlimited Ways To Stay In Touch With Your Friends'. There are four delightfully-designed DiGi Prepaid BlackBerry plans. So whatever social creature you are, there's BlackBerry for all..

1. EnjoyBerry

2. BuddyBerry

3. RajinBerry

4. JariJariBerry

And guys.. Don't forget to UNLOCK The YUNA Inspired Secret Concert & Win Tickets to YUNA's Secret Concert. Try this. It is really fun!

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